• Dear skinny girl, I know that you may not see yourself this way but society has convinced me you’re perfect. Every time you off-handedly say “I’m fat” or that you “need to lose the last 5” with the same disdained tone you would use if you said the word you
  • My junior year of high school one of my good friends asked if she could photograph me for her photo class project. I got really excited, me a model? I mean it was just for a random class photo project but the pictures would be shown in a student exhibition
  • group christmas photo, ugly sweaters
    The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxing and decorating cookies and singing the same ten songs over and over again, but as a plus size girl, I’ve found that I have to deal with much more than that. Every event seems to center around food and extended
  • Representation is important. Growing up it was so rare to see or read a character that I looked like and admired. So if you’re in the mood to see some more representation on your TV tonight, this list is for you. Dumplin’ – This movie is on Netflix and centers

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