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Plus-Sized during the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxing and decorating cookies and singing the same ten songs over and over again, but as a plus size girl, I’ve found that I have to deal with much more than that. Every event seems to center around food and extended family, which I’m sure every curvy girl out there knows how much of a field of land mines that can be. From comments about how many cookies you ate or strong suggestions to have some of the salad one of your aunts brought the holiday spirit can be lost on us pretty quick. I say screw it. Someone once told me that calories don’t count if you created them, so if you baked or decorated those cookies you deserve them. Overall you deserve to be happy during the most wonderful time of year! So lather on some icing, break out the sprinkles, and eat that gingerbread man.

I would argue that the best part of the holiday season is all of the many ways we get to dress up. From nice family dinners to ridiculous Christmas sweaters, December is a time of style of sleighing (see what I did there 😉 ). Here are some of my favorite outfits of the Christmas season and why I love them so much.


I don’t know about anyone else but November hits and all I want to do is wear the color burgundy and some cute shoes. I am obsessed with this dress that I got randomly off of Amazon. The high low is so flattering, the off the shoulder is flirty without giving my mother a heart attack and the material is SO comfortable. Buy it here.





The not-too-ugly-ugly Christmas sweater is a must in any winter wardrobe. I found this one on a random clearance rack at Khol’s but I’ve found in the past Walmart has a surprisingly good collection.
I LOVE a good cropped sweater. Now, this only applies to those of us living somewhere where this is a practical option but I think it is such a cute look and gives me such a good waist. This one was from Charlotte Russe (RIP).

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